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China Petrochemical Corp.
China Petrochemical Group supplies and equipment Co., Ltd. 
China Water and Power Group Co., Ltd. 
China National Petroleum Corporation 
China Huaneng Power Group 
China抯 North China Power Authority
Beijing Capital International Airport 
Beijing Shougang 
Beijing Olympic Village 
Beijing International Exhibition Center 
Beijing Power Supply Bureau 
Beijing Electric Power Construction Company 
Beijing Construction Group Company 
The construction of three 
In the building in best 
Three of the iron
Shanghai Electric Power Bureau 
Shanghai Shidongkou power plant 
Shanghai Baosteel Group 
Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Corporation 
Shanghai subway tunnel Power Engineering Company 
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 
Shanghai maglev train 
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 
Jinshan District Government Plaza 
Shanghai International Exhibition Center 
Shanghai Jinmao Tower 
Shanghai Bus Terminal 
Shanghai Coach passenger South Station 
Shanghai and Jiangsu Jing power plant expansion project 
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant 
Shanghai Port Authority 
Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port 
Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Test Center 
Shanghai Power Transmission and Transformation Company 
Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery 
Shanghai pill-Industrial Company 
Shanghai Tang Dynasty Hotel 
Shanghai States Yun Hotel 
Shanghai Museum first Enbin 
CLP fine Thai engineering company 
Shanghai Jin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. 
Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Services Limited, Ding Painting 
Gan Commodities (Taiwan) Food Co., Ltd. 
Bo Gao Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Cayman Dili (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. printing 
Maple Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Hong Ding-technology systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Yifeng Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Ken Li (Shanghai) Limited 
Tai Fung and Paper (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Hill on plastic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
Hunan Power Authority 
Hunan Changsha Power Engineering Company 
Changsha Strong Machinery Plant
Lengshuijiang water company in Hunan Province 
Yueyang Petrochemical Plant 
Hunan extensive copper and iron factory 
Hunan Zhuzhou Chemical Group 
Hunan Linxiang city sewage treatment plant
Shanxi YRDP 
Shanxi 3D Petrochemical Group 
Shanxi Houma Smelter 
Shanxi Yuncheng material power company 
Datong Kuangwu Ju 
Yanbian Power Supply Bureau of Wuhan Power Authority 
Wuhan Iron and Steel Company 
Gezhouba Dam Project 
Gezhouba Water Power Plant 
Three Gorges water conservancy project company 
Wuchang Shipyard 
Dongfeng Automobile Company 
Sichuan Electric Power Bureau 
15 Construction Company Limited, Sichuan Province 
Sichuan Electric Power Equipment Engineering Company 
Chengdu Electric Power Bureau 
Yibin power companies 
Yunnan Power Company substances 
Kunming Iron and Steel Company 
Kunming Linfei Chang 
Yunnan Nan Tai Cement Plant 
Guizhou Province Power Authority 
Guiyang Municipal Power Supply Bureau 
Lhasa, Tibet Power Engineering Company 
Shandong Province Power Authority 
Jinan Iron and Steel Company 
Shengli Oilfield 
Dagang Oilfield 
Shandong Qilu Petrochemical Corporation 
Shandong Provincial Power Development Corporation 
Shandong Aluminum Industry Group 
Thermal Power Plant in Shandong Huasheng 
Jilin Electric Power Bureau 
Jilinaodong Group 
Liaoning Province Power Authority 
Chifeng Power Supply Bureau 
Fushun Aluminum Plant 
Anshan Iron and Steel Company 
Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau 
Benxi City Power Authority 
Yingkou Port expansion project 
Huludao of the West German company 
Heilongjiang Province Power Company 
Qiqihar Chemical Plant in Heilongjiang 
Transmission and Distribution Company in Inner Mongolia 
Hohhot Posts and Telecommunications Project 
Gansu Provincial Power Company 
Gansu Province, Zhangye Power Authority 
God Coal Industry Group, Gansu 
Yaojie Mining Bureau in Gansu 
Qinghai Provincial Electric Power Bureau 
Xining power companies to install equipment 
Ningxia Power Supply Bureau 
Yinchuan power companies 
Power Supply Bureau in Shaanxi Province 
Xianyang Power Authority 
Shaanxi Province Telecommunications Company 
Group is to 
Shanxi Power Company 
Shanxi Jincheng Mining Group

Xinjiang Shihezi Thermal Power Plant 
Karamay Oilfield in Xinjiang 
Xinjiang Dushanzi Chemical Plant 
Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station Project 
Qinshan Nuclear Power Station in Guangdong Province 
Shenzhen Municipal Electric Power Bureau 
Residential Bureau of Shenzhen City 
Liuzhou Railway Corporation Commission 
Guilin, Guangxi Power Supply Bureau 
Nanning, Guangxi Electric Power Bureau 
Guangxi Guigang company 
Beihai City in Guangxi Electric Power Construction Company 
Xiamen Bridge 
Fujian-mao the construction company 
Hainan Provincial Power Authority 
Sanya City Power Company 
Zhejiang University 
Zhejiang Power Supply Bureau 
Hangzhou Power Company 
Zhoushan power companies 
Wenzhou City, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 
Thai-leather company in Zhejiang 
Anhui Power Authority 
Anhui Provincial Power Construction Corporation 
Fuyang Electric Power Bureau 
Jiangxi Power Company 
Nanchang Power Authority 
Jingdezhen power companies 
Nanjing Power Supply Bureau 
Nanjing Refinery 
Yangzi Petrochemical Group 
Suzhou Power Company 
Kunshan Power Supply Bureau 
Dragon photoelectric (Suzhou) Co. 
Ya-xiang System Integration Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
Ya-xiang Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
Nantong second Construction Company Limited 
British Vinda Kunshan Precision Machinery Company 
Jiangdu fly installation of the company 
East Machinery Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
Fuji Seiki (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 
Ruby machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. 
Steel Seiki (Taicang) Co., Ltd. 
Tangshan Power Station 
Handan Iron and Steel Company Shijiazhuang Coking Plant 
International Peace Hospital in Shijiazhuang 
Baoding Power Supply Bureau 
Chengde Steel Plant 
Henan Power Authority 
Henan Jiaozuo Mining Bureau 
Henan Transmission and Distribution Company 

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. China Water Power Group Co
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